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Ship for Georgia:)

Ship name:Neorgiall

I ship you with:Niall Horan

How you met: You were in shoping center with your friends. You with one of your friends went to clothes shop and you choose some t-shirts. You went to tried them and you ask to your friend,if she could go with you and advise you. You were in cloakroom cubicle and choose first t-shirt. You parted the curtain and than you look up you asked,if you look good on this t-shirt. Before you stand really cue boy “Yea, you look great!” he answered and little bit laugh. You turn up your head and blushes,because you thought that there stand your friend “Ooops, sorry, i thought that stand my friend here. Sorry”. He smiles at you “Don’t apologize, you look really great in this t-shirt. Can i invite you to ice cream?” “Well, okay. I love ice cream”. You smiles at him. “Okay, so i wait here and we can go to ice cream,babe!”┬┤he says with cute smile.


When you met Niall Horan

First kiss:

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